Google Analytics 4 在2023年的路線圖

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Google發佈了Google Analytics 4 在2023年的路線圖,從路線圖中,可以知道2023年將會有哪些新功能。

領域 當前提供 預期後續版本將提供
APIs Build dashboards, automate reporting tasks, and integrate your data with other applications Increased parity between the API and the UI
Attribution Choose between cross-channel rules-based models, a last click model, and cross-channel data-driven attribution More functionality to help clients understand and act on insights within Analytics and in connected platforms 
Channel Groupings Rule-based definitions of traffic sources that lets clients monitor the performance of channels sending traffic to their website Continued improvement to default channel groupings and flexibility for custom groupings
Data Import Join data in Analytics from a variety of systems, taking down silos that exist between bodies of data and unlocking new insights Even greater flexibility in defining the source and schedule of data imported into Analytics
Dimensions & Metrics Predefined and custom attributes and measures collected from events users trigger  Additional predefined offerings and custom scopes including landing page, eCommerce, item-scoped dimensions, and conversion rates
Explorations Advanced techniques to query, filter, segment data, and more Availability of this functionality in core reports
Integrations Link Analytics properties to other Google products for a plethora of benefits Improvements and net-new capabilities to existing integrations and additional integrations to Google products
Intelligence Advanced modeling techniques to help clients more easily understand and act on their data Additional predictive capabilities and intelligence playing a central role in generating insights
Migration Tools Several tools and guidance to replicate core essentials from Universal Analytics setups Continued support for existing migration tools 
Privacy Privacy at the core to help clients meet evolving needs and user expectations Additional controls for minimizing collection of user-level data (i.e., IP address, cookies, and metadata)
Reporting Customizable reports, interactions, and conversion modeling Additional modeling and reporting functionality to make it easier to gather insights and achieve business objectives
Enterprise Higher limits for data collection, reporting, retention, and export and access to special features  Added functionality and new & improved SLAs


來源:GA4 Roadmap Non-NDA Investment Themes_Q1’23  你可以在Google Enterprise Marketing Portal裡獲取,註冊是免費的。

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